**ESPRESSO** GUATEMALA - Puerta Verde Java



There is only a super tiny amount of this super special coffee is available. So Get in Quick!

This is the first time we have offered this stunning Java variety from the Zelaya Family. 

Ricardo Zelaya is a legend among coffee producers for his meticulous practices in the farm, processing and with workplace and employee relations.

If you've been following Blume over the last few years, you will have no doubt noticed Angus' love for the Java variety. Full of fruit and delicate florals they are always elegant and never dull.

 For the farm story we defer to our import partners, to share the information they have gathered by working with Ricardo, the rest of his family and team. HERE.



If you like bright espresso then this is perfect for those long sweet shots. 

 We like this as a filter, batch brew, or french press.


REGION: Antigua

ALTITUDE: 1540 masl

VARIETY: Bourbon & Caturra

PROCESSING: Fully Washed

OWNERS: Ricardo Zelaya

AWARDS: Cup of Excellence 2001, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2018

IMPORTER: Melbourne Coffee Merchants


 **All origin photos courtesy of Melbourne Coffee Merchants. We were not there.**

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