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ECUADOR - La Josefina Bourbon Tekisic


We’re showcasing three varietal lots from Finca La Josefina in northern Ecuador. Taste them side by side or enjoy them one by one the choice is yours, all we can say is that they are delicious and we can’t choose a favourite!

Ligia Merizalde and Leopoldo Andrade set out to have their own company, to be part of the environmental landscape of specialty coffee production in Ecuador and to produce sustainable coffee. In 2014 Finca La Josefina was developed and is located within the Cayambe-Coca Natural Reserve, the largest protected area with the biggest plant and animal diversity in Ecuador.

Named in honour of their grandmother, La Josefina is divided into more than 15 small batches, each batch is planted with a single variety only allowing for specific attention to each variety based on its needs. 

Bourbon Tekisic, made by the Salvadoran Institute for Coffee Research, is a Bourbon variety that ripens early and has high production and quality.  We love the intensity of this coffee, choc full of bright berries, zingy sherbet and toffee apples with a touch of florals in the finish.

PROVINCE - Pichincha

ALTITUDE - 1,200 - 2,000 masl

VARIETY - Bourbon Tekisic


OWNERS - Ligia Merizalde & Leopoldo Andrade

IMPORTER - Cafe Imports


**All photos courtesy of Cafe Imports. We did not travel with them to origin** 

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