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COLOMBIA - El Diamante



This 900kg lot was produced by Miguel Loaiza and his family, on their 2.5-hectare farm El Diamante in the Alto del Naranjal mountain range on the outskirts of Buesaco. 

After a violent past with much of the region under the control of the FARC guerrillas, Buesaco is now one of Colombias best regarded coffee growing regions. Today, specialty coffee plays an important role in the towns prosperity and in ensuring its future is one of peace and not of recurrent conflict. 

In 2013, a small group of 17 growers formed the first regional association, called Grupo Empresarial Buesaco. The association grew very quickly and within four years they were able to form an offshoot group, Alianza Café, to focus solely on specialty-grade coffee. Its members are committed to running the association with transparency and with the final goal of improving the income of the nearly 400 growers that participate in their programs.

For the full story we defer to our import partners, Melbourne Coffee Merchants, to share the information they have gathered by their diligent, hard working and world class sourcing team.


COUNTRY - Colombia

REGION - Nariño


PRODUCER - Miguel Loaiza

ELEVATION - 2,115 masl

VARIETIES - Caturra, Colombia


IMPORTER - Melbourne Coffee Merchants


**All origin photos courtesy of Melbourne Coffee Merchants. We were not there.**


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