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Our first Colombian micro-lot of the year comes from Finca Lustania in the Planadas region of Tolima in Colombia's Mid-West.

The farm is operated by the husband & wife team of Wilson Rodriguez and Edith Enciso.

Both Edith and Wilson grew up in traditional Colombian Coffee Farming Families. After marrying they set out on their own to provide for their family and we are very happy they did.

Aside from the obvious high quality of the coffee they produce, we get really excited about the story of the two. Just as the environment and the coffee must work in unison to produce great coffee, so do these too in their approach to farming. Wilson is in charge of the harvesting and de-pulping the coffee and Edith is responsible for managing the post-harvest processes. They believe it's this teamwork that makes their coffee so great. And we agree!

Equal partners in business, as in life, they have split the farm down the middle into two blocks. East and West. Half the Farm attributed to Edith, Half to Wilson. Each micro-lot is then tracked to the specific parcel of land it was grown on and the coffee named accordingly. How Fucking great is that!


First up, Wilson Rodriguez...



REGION: Planadas, Tolima

ALTITUDE: 1,700 masl

VARIETY: Caturra & Colombia

PROCESSING: Fully Washed, 24- 30hr fermentation


AWARDS: Cup of Excellence #1, 2005


**All images courtesy of Caravela, Wilson & Edith**


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