KENYA - Kiangundo Peaberry - **LIMITED ESPRESSO** (kinda)




Seriously, I love roasting them, I love drinking them, I love that they are perfect little genetic freaks.

This next one in our search for tasty peaberries hails from my favorite origin for them, KENYA! 

Hailing from the Kiangundo coffee factory from Nyeri in the central highlands, only 30kg of this day lot was produced and we secured it all! Once again thanks to our partners at Melbourne Coffee Merchants

Due to the incredible sweetness and structure of this coffee we decided not to roast it with a single preparation in mind. Instead we have roasted it to showcase these inherent traits.

You can successfully brew it any way you like, we are loving it as a French Press right now and serving it as black espresso on our bar.

Because the roast is a little heavier, feel free to play with ratios. We're pushing out 1:18 on filter, 1:16 on French Press and running our espressos longer and faster.

Espresso Recipe: 20g in, 50g out in 26-28seconds.

 Have Fun!!





REGION: Central Highlands

PROVINCE: Nyeri Province

FACTORY: Kiangundo

CO-OP: Kiama FCS

ALTITUDE: 1,750-1,850 masl

VARIETY: SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11(5%)

PROCESSING: Fully Washed


 **All origin photos courtesy of Melbourne Coffee Merchants. We were not there.**



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