ESPRESSO: Brazil - Sitio Canaã - Arara


We are super excited about this coffee for quite a number of reasons.

Firstly it has been produced by Kluemon Moreira, a 27 year old with a decade of experience under the tutelage of Antônio Rigno, a multiple award winning & highly respected producer in the region. We find it super exciting to see a new generation of coffee producers dedicating themselves to the future and producing fantastic coffee!

Secondly it is of a relatively unheard of variety, “Arara”. Discovered in 1988, it is a natural crossbreed of Catuaí & Obata. High yielding, hardy & rust resistant it has been gaining popularity across Brazil. More recently it is being recognised for it’s high quality cup as well, often cupping well into the high 80’s & 90’s. Expect to see a lot more of Arara as the world gets warming and coffee farming becomes a greater challenge.

To the Future!!

Elegant and balanced, we find this the perfect crowd pleaser.



STATE: Bahia

REGION: Chapada Diamantina

TOWN: Piatã

ALTITUDE: 1280 - 1340m above sea level


PROCESSING: Pulped Natural

OWNER: Kleumon Silva Moreira

BREW: 20g:45g in 28-32seconds

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Brought in by our friends/import partners at Melbourne Coffee Merchants.

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