A more modern espresso.

Here we are chasing the sun.

Bright sweet flavours.

A fantastic way to brighten your day.


Modern coffee has trended its way to being varying degrees of acid driven light roasts.

We do this to highlight the collaboration of nature & farmer and the beautiful creations they make.


The coffees we select for SUNSHINE are naturally suited to espresso and roasted in a way to be delicious drunken both black and white. Without blowing your face off with acidity.


HONDURAS - Sandra Trochez

REGION: Santa Barbara

ALTITUDE: 1,650 masl

VARIETY: Yellow Catuai


OWNERS: Sandra Trochez

IMPORTER: Langdon Coffee Merchants


BRAZIL - Sítio Canaã

STATE: Bahia

REGION: Chapada Diamantina

TOWN: Piatã

ALTITUDE: 1,280 - 1,340 masl

VARIETIES: Arara, Acauã and Topázio

PROCESSING: Pulped Natural 

PRODUCERS: Kleumon Silva Moreira

IMPORTER: Melbourne Coffee Merchants


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 **All origin photos courtesy of Melbourne Coffee Merchants. We were not there.**

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