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We know coffee.

We’ve been obsessing over it for years and years.

And, yes, we know we can come across as stuck up hipsters.

We know it all seems a bit pretentious & unnecessary, even a bit scary.

So our mission is simple. Make honest, delicious & curious coffee.

All are welcome, all you need is a smile & a mug.

Blume Coffee was founded in 2018 by Angus Gibbs. The aim was to make coffee exciting, approachable and most importantly, delicious, to all tastes. As he is fond of saying, perhaps too often, “I want my friends to love this and I want my mum to love this, in equal parts.”

After honing the roasting style and approach out of a co-roasting facility, he moved into our current space in Abbotsford which now hosts a coffee bar, co-roasting cooperative and recording studio.

Blume is, finally, no longer a one man show, with Kate at the helm, Nic on the wing, and Laura bringing all the weekend warmth. We are now an enthusiastic team of four, pushing ourselves forward off the shoulders of our community.  




As we are a relatively new and small business, it isn’t yet practical to fly around the world buying high-grade, micro-lot coffee. This would be a costly enterprise and the money that would foreseeably be spent on travel, could be used in other parts of the business to help it grow and become sustainable. At the small volume we roast now, we’ve chosen to spend a little bit more on our green, or raw, coffee.

As a small business, we don’t currently roast enough coffee to be able to make any form of positive impact at farm level on our own. It is far more effective for us to buy our coffees from importers and exporters who have ethics and values that align with our own and that we can trust. In short, as a community of business along the supply chain we can help shape it into having a more equitable & sustainable future.

In terms of quality, we don’t want to just rest on our laurels and tell you what so many others already do; ‘that we will source & roast the very best coffees in the world.’ How can we all have the best?

What we can promise you is that we will source coffees from around the globe, that are delicious and varied. As roasters, we will try not to undo the hard work of producers, hopefully highlighting what all that toil has delivered us.


• To leave things better than we found them

• To be present and accountable within our community

• To be honest

• To be equitable

• To share knowledge

• To inspire curiosity

To be playful!

• To spread joy